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Electrics/ Electronics

Material Analysis
  • Determination of the chemical composition of metallic materials (spectral analysis, CS combustion)

ECE Regulation No. 10 Rev. 5 (ECE R10.05) by United Nation (UN), Mark -E type approval assessment and management, Test report and COP preparation

EMC/RF Testing

Pre-compliance testing, Trouble shooting, E-marking, LV 124 (Several Manufacturers), LV 148 (Several Manufacturers)

Environmental Testing

Pre-compliance testing, Validation testing according to OEM standards, Trouble shooting, Thermal shock, Life tests, Humidity tests, Sunlight radiation, Salt mist, Harmful gas test

EV on board charger

Certification Service

BMS (Battery management System)

Certification Service

EV charging connector

Certification Service

EV battery management system

Certification Service

EV internal connector

Certification Service

EV internal cable

Certification Service

EV charging cable

Certification Service

Material Tests
Development Support/ Homologation Testing
Field Test, Damage Analysis
Quality Assurance Tests / Conformity of Production
Mechanical Tests

Pre-compliance testing, Validation testing according to OEM standards, Free fall, Hail impact test, Dust test, Mechanical shock, Endurance shock test, Random Vibration, Fatigue testing of interior & exterior trim stone impact test, Vibration with Thermal Cycling, Mechanical Shock- Pothole, Mechanical Shock – Collision, Mechanical Shock – Closure Slam