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Car Body

Material Analysis
  • Determination of the chemical composition of metallic materials (spectral analysis, CS combustion)
Temperature-Climate Change Tests
UV Weathering
Stone Chip Resistance of Coatings
Corrosion Protection and Expertise
Measuring of Coating Thickness
  • Specification of the thickness of coatings on surfaces
Voltage Measurement using Strain Gauges- (DMS) Technique
  • Measuring equipment for recording stretching deformations
  • ┬áChange their electrical resistance even in the case of limited deformations and are used as strain sensors
Testing of Trailer Systems as per ECE-R 55
Mechanical Load Measurement and Analysis
Strength tests as per Various Load Standards/ Load Collectives
Salt Spray Test
  • Determining the corrosion resistance of a material or an anti-corrosive coating
Mechanical and Technological Testing
  • For static and dynamic material stresses on standardised specimens and complex machine components
  • Mechanical specimen processing
Simulation of Technical Heat Treatment
  • In inert gas atmosphere
Quality Assurance Tests / Conformity of Production
Field Test, Damage Analysis
Development Support/ Homologation Testing
Material Tests
Testing of Safety Glass and Materials Similar to Glass for Break and Shatter Resistance
Driving Comfort tests for Interior Noise and Vibrations
Macroscopic Tests
  • Visual / stereo microscopical assessments of cases of damage and estimation of the additional time and effort for the test
Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Cause of fracture and determining of the fracture mechanism
  • Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX) inc. element distribution models (mapping)
Light Macroscopic Tests
  • Creation of sections and structure tests / assessments of all materials and material combinations
  • Section preparation and etching / specific etching
  • Qualitative and quantitative section evaluation (incident / transmitted light microscope)
  • Photographic documentation using digital image processing
Dynamic Tests of Front, Side and Rear impact on vehicle structure