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Hardening Properties of Thermosets
Pendulum impact for energy absorption
Material Tests
Driving Comfort tests for Interior Noise and Vibrations
Static Tests and Strength Tests
Macroscopic Tests
  • Visual / stereo microscopical assessments of cases of damage and estimation of the additional time and effort for the test
Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Cause of fracture and determining of the fracture mechanism
  • Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX) inc. element distribution models (mapping)
Mechanical and Technological Testing
  • For static and dynamic material stresses on standardised specimens and complex machine components
  • Mechanical specimen processing
Tensile tests according to specifications (EG, ECE, FMVSS, ADR)
Testing of ISOFIX mountings
Dynamic Tests of Front, Side and Rear impact on vehicle structure
Seat stability test bench for three-seater bench seat
Development Support/ Homologation Testing
Field Test, Damage Analysis
Quality Assurance Tests / Conformity of Production
Identification of Plastics
Determining of the Glass Transition Area
Detection of Solvents
Detection of Fibres and Fillers
Detection of Stabilisers
Testing the Effectiveness of Stabilisers
Molecular Chain Downsizing
Phase Connection
Charpy Impact Strength and Notched Impact Strength
Shore A and Shore D Hardness Testing
Material Analysis
  • Determination of the chemical composition of metallic materials (spectral analysis, CS combustion)
Hazardous substance analysis / emissions
  • Fogging / emissions measurement
  • Hazardous substance analysis