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Wireless and Connected Car

Radio technologie tests

Conformance Testing Services, Wireless interoperability testing services, Field testing services, Certification, Interferences, Mobility, D2D interop, Fast pairing, Functionality, Audio quality, Performance

Part testing

Live agent assistance (roadside assistance, automatic collision detection…), Vehicle monitoring and controls (usage based insurance, over the air systems updates, diagnosis, performance metrics), communications (hand free calling, Wi-Fi hot spot, text to speech messaging), infotainment apps (music streaming, weather apps, ticketing, news, web browsing), location based services (stolen vehicle recovery, navigation, point of interest search, traffic and alternative routing)

International Type Approval Services for more than 200 countries

Approval Projects Management, Regulatory & Approval Web Portal Service, Renewal Approvals Service, Search of Local Representatives, Assessment for Market Entry, Research Services, Training, BQE (Bluetooth Qualification Expert), CCE (Continua Certification Expert), ULE Alliance (Qualification Body), Notified Body for the R&TTE Directive 99/5/EC, Notified Body for the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC (R10: E4, E24, E9), Mirrorlink (CCC), NFC Forum, WiFi Alliance (WFA), Power Matter Alliance (PMA), Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP)

Cyber Security - System Level

Data communication profiles, Penetration tests, Vulnerability tests, Fuzzy tests, Honey pots, Password and management

Cyber Security - Software testing

Protocol testing, Speed testing, Data Quantity testing, Fuzzy testing, Data buffer testing